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Personalized digestive health.

Dieta helps you improve your IBS symptoms by using big data and machine learning


Managing IBS is complicated

IBS is painful, confusing, and oftentimes dismissed by the medical community. With no cure for IBS but hundreds of treatment options, you aren’t sure which diet, medication, supplement, probiotic, or lifestyle change to experiment with.

Dieta’s goal is to make that experience easy and clear for you so you can resolve your symptoms as quickly as possible.


How it works

Meet the team

We created Dieta because we needed a better way to manage IBS.

We’re a team of data scientists, doctors, designers, and engineers, and we teamed up because we believe in a better solution to digestive health problems. Our solution is to use data to uncover what our bodies are telling us, in a personalized way tailored to each individual person with IBS.

Asaf Kraus
Co-Founder & Data Scientist
Ben Neigher
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Treta Purohit, MD
Erin Judge, RD
Registered Dietitian
Theresa McArtin, RD
Registered Dietitian
Valerie Polley, RD
Registered Dietitian
Jamie Buck
Mobile Engineer
Christine Daley
Product Designer

We’re cooking up something good